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Re: [DISC] Escaping #$#

[I sent this to Rog already, but forgot to Cc: mcp-dev.]

> Another item missing from the spec:
> 	How do you escape/quote a line beginning with #$#  ?

A while ago we talked about having an MCP message that was equivalent to
sending an "in-band" line (i.e., one without MCP message syntax).  I don't
know if this made it into the spec, but it could be used to solve the
quoting problem as well as the problem it was proposed to solve:

  #$#mcp-verbatim line: "#$# says, \"I've got a stupid name!\""

This would, again, be impossible on the current MOO server (unless you were
already using in-db parsing).  For commands, you could use
  force_input(player, " " + line);
but this wouldn't be quite right when the line is to be read().

It's possible that a future version of the MOO server might appear from some
quarter that would allow a workaround.