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re: let's move on

erik makes a good point; i think we're pretty close to release (sorry
i've been so silent lately.  anyway.)  i see there being two vaguely
controversial issues in the current spec: authkeys and cords.  in both
cases, i'd prefer to have them in, in something approximating their
current form, but i'm not at all married to that position, and could
be pretty easily swayed (especially in the case of authkeys).  there's
also quoting, which i'll deal with in a separate message.

i know i'd said previously i was going to ditch authkeys; however, jay
expressed pretty serious objections to that (though he never justified
the objections).  basically, i'm going to take the attitude at this
point that unless someone has a strong, supported objection to some
portion of the spec, it stays.

so, after that ramble, any strong objections to any part of the spec
as it stands (besides quoting, which i'll post on nexxt).