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RE: [DISC] Escaping #$#

[by the way, i keep forgetting to add [yadda] to my posts, sorry.

some time ago, Roger Crew wrote regarding the issue of quoting lines
which begin '#$#':
[section on changes to the definition section elided; i've made the
suggested changes, and they should show up on the website as soon as
the next automated update happens.]
 > We then replace 
 >     A received network line that begins with the characters
 > <SAMP>#$"</SAMP>
 >     translates to an in-band line consisting of the suffix beyond the
 >     first 3 characters (even if that suffix happens to begin with
 >     <SAMP>#$"</SAMP> or <SAMP>#$#</SAMP>).

i dunno about this bit; should this be #$#"?  it's not a big deal, but
it seems cleaner to me.