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Multilines necessary?

Please feel fere to ignore this in the interest of expediently publishing 
a new version of the protocol.

I never found the 'multiline' messages either useful or desirable.  While 
building an application that used something similar to 'cords', we did 
things in this general form:

#$#open-stream 9465 target: animationpane message: whateverelse...
#$#data 8746 target: animationpane data: blablablabla
#$#close-stream 8934 target: animationpane

We had to keep a registry of what screen/client elements are active anyway
(in this case, 'animationpane', and its associated objects) so having to keep
an additional registry matching some other _data-tag: like element with 
animationpane just seemed redundant.

Are multiline messages really just a specific instance of a cord?

Has anyone implemented it in that way?  Can anyone suggest an instance in 
which cords could not serve the same function, i.e. do multiline 
messages as implemented with the #$#* and #$#: commands have some other 

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