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Re: [DISC] Escaping #$#

> I wrote:
> > I vote for putting this in the spec (although I'm not too fond of #$" as
> > the actual prefix), and also implementing it in the MOO server.  I'll talk
> > to the server maintainer about this soon--I have lunch with him on Monday.
> Well, I talked to the server maintainer on the phone, and HE thinks
> that actually out-of-band/in-band decisions should be made entirely
> in the database (in #0:do_command()).  I still want it in the spec,
> though.

I don't want OOB quoting specified in MCP 2.1.  We don't have any 
experience with this and there isn't an available server that 
contains the solution we pulled out of a hat in the last month.  I 
don't want to block correct MCP implementations on a new MOO server 
release given that sweeping this issue under the rug has not, for the 
most part, bitten any actual implementations.  

Yes, I fully understand this issue must be resolved for correctness.  
We should make note of this in the spec and claim that the next rev 
will resolve it.