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official release

so, i've appended some authorship information to the spec, and i'm
planning to announce it as official on moo-cows tomorrow.  i'd like
everyone to take one last glance over the spec and see if they notice
any killer bugs before we release.

there IS one contradiction in the spec we just (re)discovered a few
minutes ago: the cord messages were never renamed to mcp-cord.  given
it's been wrong for a while now, it'll break less people to leave it
than to change it, and we're planning to release tomorrow, i vote we
just leave the cord messages of the form #$#cord... rather than
changing them to be of the (more appropriate) form
#$#mcp-cord. anybody made completely bonkers by this?


fwiw, i'd like this list to continue working past the release; as i
see it, we have 3 primary tasks ahead of us:
	- establishing a plan for package name approvals in the
	toplevel package namespace
	- possibly coming up with some packages to go in mcp-*,
	the namespace for stuff everybody should consider including
	in their implementations.
	among other things, i'd like to see a standard mcp-edit for
	local editing
	- figuring out version 3, if there is one.  in particular,
	it'd be nice if a version 3 could do a better job of
	unifying the caltech folks' work.


 here's the authorship info from the spec.  filfre to complain
if you feel you should be listed differently, don't like the spelling
of your name, or are embarrassed to even be associated with this

<P><EM>Jay Carlson, Roger Crew, Ken Fox, Dave Kormann, Erik Ostrom,
John Ramsdell, Andrew Wilson</EM></P>
<P>Substantial additional contributions and critical comments by
Michael Brundage, William Drury, Chris Rath, and Vijay Saraswat.</P