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Re: official release

Dave Kormann:
> so, i've appended some authorship information to the spec, and i'm
> planning to announce it as official on moo-cows tomorrow.  i'd like
> everyone to take one last glance over the spec and see if they notice
> any killer bugs before we release.
> there IS one contradiction in the spec we just (re)discovered a few
> minutes ago: the cord messages were never renamed to mcp-cord.  given
> it's been wrong for a while now, it'll break less people to leave it
> than to change it, and we're planning to release tomorrow, i vote we
> just leave the cord messages of the form #$#cord... rather than
> changing them to be of the (more appropriate) form
> #$#mcp-cord. anybody made completely bonkers by this?

You know, the whole point of this exercise is to produce a coherent and
self-consistant specification.  Otherwise it's just just documentation
of best (worst) practice.  I'm made bonkers by this.

> anyway.