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Re: official release

 > Can we *please* quote the values associated with multiline bodies?  
 > We can unify parts of the BNF and reuse the single-line parsing 
 > implementation.    Aside from the usual excuses of concept reuse and 
 > coherence this also means the MOO implementation can (as usual) just 
 > use the MOO tokenizer.  The overhead of the additional slashification 
 > for quotes and backslashes is pretty small and we know that any MCP 
 > implementation already has this functionality available.

i still think this is a lose.  the additional parser complexity to
handle unquoted multilines is as near to nil as makes no odds, and
it's _really_ nice being able to just spam multiline values across the
link.  as i said before, i'll go for this change if there are a
sizable number of people in favor of it, but i _really_ don't think
that being able to use the MOO reader or cutting a very small branch
out of the BNF really buys us anything against that.