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more changes to the spec

so, i've made a first pass at a substantial rewording of the message
format section; i'd like folks to start taking potshots at this new
version.  no semantics have changed, but the section is now organised
by, and includes, the grammar rules relevant to each subsection.  the
actual changed text is fairly minor; however, the addition of the
grammar rules changes the feel of the section.  like it?  hate it?

i've also, as vijay suggested, added section numbers.  i dunno if i
announced that earlier.  they're kinda random.  feel free to suggest a

finally, i don't remember if i addressed this question from vijay's

>      Is the ":" a terminator or a separator? Might 
>       <keyval> ::= <key> ':' <space> <value>
>      be better? 

i've arbitrarily and unilaterally decided it's a separator.  it just
makes more sense to me, and it makes the wording of the message format
section more sane.  the grammar has been adjusted slightly.

if you can't see the latest version of the spec yet (you'll know it's
the latest by the chunks of the grammar scattered liberally throughout
the message format section), wait a bit; it takes some time for the
spec to make it outside the firewall.  i'd expect it to be there
within the hour.