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wee-hooo, more revisions

just when you thought you were rid of me, when that long message from
rog dropped into a black hole and you thought you were ALL OFF THE

i've updated the mcp 2.1 spec as per rog's recommendations; the only
thing i haven't fixed yet (at least not entirely) is the diagram,
which still needs another minor change.

some specific comments on rog's nits and serious points:
>  You should use '"' whenever you want a '"'
>  to show up in plain text.

ok, ok, fixed anywhere '"' appears in a <SAMP> or <PRE> block, i

> I'm not sure "prepend" is really a word.
> M-x query-replace "prepend" "prefix"

goshes, i could've sworn it was.  anyway, i replaced it, with some
rewriting that's pretty awful to look at.

> I've entirely rewritten the definitions section.
> The changes are almost entirely cosmetic, but
> here's what I was trying to address:

and i pretty much pasted in your changes verbatim.  smile and wave for
the cameras!

>     Actually, I find "connection endpoint" to be a little too 
>     low-level.  When I hear it, I tend to think "ethernet card", but 
>     maybe that's just me.  I think "agent" is better...

i'm not married to the term 'endpoint', and given that jay and john
have made fun of me over it, i'd be willing to change it.  any
feelings?  if anyone else wants it changed, i'll go ahead and do it.

> (*) Removed duplicate descriptions (e.g., how quoting is done or
>     how OOB lines get parsed into messages; this is too much to put
>     in a definitions section) and put in forward references 
>     (whee... HTML is c0ol!).

sigh, but sooner or later the plaintext form of this document is going
to make us regret this.

i assume the next logical step is to remove the 'MCP' from all
occurrences of the phrase 'mcp message' in the document, no?