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RE: wee-hooo, more revisions

the double quote (") is one of the 4 characters (", <, >, &) deemed to have
special meaning in HTML.  I'll grant that "s appearing outside of <>s tend
to come through okay (at least in IE3 and Mosaic, they do; dunno about
Netscape --- we're not allowed to use that around here :-), but I don't
believe this is ever guaranteed by the spec.

The other thing --- what motivated me to mention it at all --- is that the
fontification for my html mode in Emacs gets seriously confused by singleton
"s.  Maybe I just need a more sophisticated html mode, but I don't find it
unreasonable for an html mode to expect that the special characters will
only ever be used in the prescribed ways.

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> >  You should use '&quot;' whenever you want a '"'
> >  to show up in plain text.
> Why?
> Jay