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two minor pet peeves

Two nitpicky pet peeves of mine, present in the current draft:

    1. "MUD" vs. "mud"-- I prefer to use the latter to refer
       generically to the class of shared-virtual-world-thingies,
       leaving the former to refer specifically to Bartle's Multi-User
       Dungeon program.

    2. "player" vs. "user"-- similarly, I prefer to use the latter as
       a generic term for a mud participant, whereas the former is a
       term specific to certain types of mud servers.

Since "player" only occurs once, in section 1.1 ("the player's I/O
channel"), whereas "user" occurs several times in the rest of the
document, I'm assuming it's just an oversight.  Does anyone else agree
with me on the "MUD" thing, though?