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RE: two minor pet peeves

Roger Crew writes:
 > "MUD", even when used to refer to servers not written by Richard Bartle ---
 > a usage which I think is too widespread to be ignored (like the
 > popular-media definition of "hacker") --- is still an acronym and thus
 > should indeed be all-caps.

Well, there are plenty of acronyms that are no longer used in
all-caps, e.g. scuba, radar, and laser; I guess those are somewhat
different in that they don't clash with pre-existing words, but I
still think it's time to real-wordify our meaning of "mud".  I just
think forms like "MUDs", "MUDding", "MUDder", etc. are too clunky.
But as I said, it's just a pet peeve of mine, so filfre to vote me

On the other hand, would it be reasonable to say something in the spec
(perhaps a footnote) about "MUD" being a generic term, and not a
particular server?  I guess I'm just worried about people who think
"MUD" means "those hack-n-slash games" and say "MOO is not a MUD".  Or
is this notion not as prevalent as I think?