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syntax pedantry, and a minor update

so on the " thing, i went back and looked at the HTML definition
(guess who's got too much time on his hands); as far as i can tell,
the spec pretty much says that you only need to encode quotes if you
really feel like it.  so now what we have is an odd hodgepodge of
"s and "'s.  one possibility is that browsers which try to draw
smart open- and closed-quotes might do the right thing when faced with
", but i'm totally only guessing.  we probably should go totally
one way or the other, and given that the only expressed preference is
for the use of &quot everywhere, i'll probably end up doing that.

in response to doug's comments, i changed the single occurrence of
"player" to "user" (after changing it to "client" and then figuring
that would only get me in trouble), and i added an extremely lame and
simplistic definition to the top of the definitions section:

<DD> A generic term for a networked, shared virtual environment.

it's almost just a placeholder, but i think doug's right about needing
to state what we mean by 'MUD', so i put it in anyway.  anyone got a
definition they're more comfortable with (nyuk nyuk nyuk)?