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local editing

>Well as I thought about the local editing my thought envolved along the
>lines of what you described. Then I realized it was getting powerfull, big
>and complicated and probably require a lot of core changes... so I thought

well, not necessarily.  i believe you could design an editing package
that would not _require_ a lot of core changes, but would be ready to
go _if_ someone made the core changes.  the biggest change would be
the addition of persistent editing sessions, but we actually have a
lot of infrastructure for that in the existing editors.

>we would rather have all those functionalities as part of an object/data
>browser/editor and keep the edit package straightforward and simple (even
>if that make it error prone in some cases.)

your general point is "provide a simple local editing package, and
allow for the creation of a better one later", and okay, fair enough,
although i'm a little iffy about calling it a "standard package".
however, i _don't_ think you should tie a reasonable editing package
to an object browser.  the latter is likely to be highly dependent on
the server (and possibly database) used, while a good editing system
is useful anywhere.