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Re: suggestion for multiline keyval...

> Something very usefull I have seen in Mudsy (MITRE's Java 2.1 compliant
> applet) is to use the value field after the multiline keyword to give the
> client a hint about how many lines the multiline value will have. I think
> having that behavior defined in the specs would be very usefull for client
> implemtors since they could rely on that value to know how much memory to
> allocate, etc... to receive the multiline value. It could also be used for
> error checking (i.e. if too many/not enough lines are received.) If the
> number of line the multiline value will have is not know in advance then
> the simple value could be -1.

Parsers have to handle the -1 case anyway; documenting mudsy's hack 
doesn't reduce the complexity of the parser software.