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Re: multiline value etc

Erik Ostrom:
> I vote against making this change for version 2.1 for the following
> reasons:
>   * adding new features always slows us down.  pleeeeease, let's stop.
>   * i'd like to leave the multiline value slot open for future use,
>     after we have more experience using 2.1.
>   * i don't implement it anyway. :-)

I agree, lets move on.  For now the value should remain as "".

> A client and server can use the value to indicate number of lines (or
> anything else) by "private agreement", and you can let us know how it
> all works out.  

Mmm, like, oh say, last-modified...

> Then when we reconvene for mcp 3.0, we can discuss the
> matter again.
> --Erik