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RE: proposal: feature freeze

weren't we going to do this 2 months ago?

I'll be mostly happy if the spec goes out as is.

(... my one outstanding issue of referring to the package namespace as
"flat" when it clearly isn't (cf. my msg of 1/25/98), I consider to be a
wording issue, but if people really disagree and there's something deeper to
be argued, then fine, it's not worth holding up MCP 2.1 for it...)

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> From: 	Ken Fox[SMTP:fox@mars.org]
> Sent: 	Wednesday, February 18, 1998 1:36 PM
> To: 	Erik Ostrom; mcp-dev@research.att.com
> Subject: 	Re: proposal:  feature freeze
> Let's freeze the spec and release it already.
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> From: Erik Ostrom <eostrom@research.att.com>
> To: mcp-dev@research.att.com <mcp-dev@research.att.com>
> Date: Wednesday, February 11, 1998 12:14 PM
> Subject: proposal: feature freeze
> >Here's an attempt to formalize what I started to say in my previous
> post.
> >
> >Proposal:  Let's not add any new features to MCP 2.1.  Let its
> >functionality be set now.  Bug fixes, wording changes, okay, but no
> >new ideas in MCP 2.1.