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release mail

here's the mail i plan to send to moo-cows today.  comments?

Subject: MCP 2.1 release

The authors of the MUD Client Protocol (MCP) version 2.1 Specification
are pleased to announce its final public release.  The specification
is available at

<URL http://www.research.att.com/~davek/mcp2.html>

MCP is a message format for "out-of-band" communication between MUD
clients and servers.  It is designed to be a very simple, extensible
system on which advanced MUD applications may be constructed.
Features of MCP 2.1 include:
  - An easily parsed message format
  - A versioning standard for MCP and applications built with it
  - "Packages", a way of grouping MCP messages into applications
  - "Cords", which multiplex client communications over a single

Client and MOO core (and other MUD database) authors are encouraged to
consider including MCP support in their systems.  If you're
considering doing this, we further encourage you to join the mcp-dev
mailing list by sending a message containing the text "subscribe
mcp-dev" to majordomo@research.att.com.  archives of this mailing
list, which was the focal point for discussion of the developing spec
and will be used to discuss future versions of and extensions to the
spec, may be found at

<URL http://www.research.att.com/~davek/mcp-dev/>
			Dave Kormann