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announcement comments

it would be nice if there were a "main" mcp site, and the spec were a
link from it.  it might also be nice if the main site were on
www.moo.mud.org (or www.mud.org, but we don't have easy access to
that).  on the other hand, it might be a pain to keep the archive up
to date there.  but the archive could be kept at at&t and the main
site could link to it.

since i don't actually want us to block on new HTML, i suggest we
designate a URL for the main site, and for now just put the spec
directly at that URL.

it might be nice if "the authors of the mud client protocol" were
identified by name in the post.  i'm not sure about that.  in any
case, you might identify yourself as editor, or something.  among
other reasons, identifying the authors (or, to some extent, your role)
would make it clear to those who haven't been following the ongoing
saga that mcp isn't just an at&t effort.

>Client and MOO core (and other MUD database) authors are encouraged to
>consider including MCP support in their systems.  

you might say something here about forthcoming implementations.
(nothing specific, just that, well, there are implementations
forthcoming.)  also, i suggest if anyone has an implementation that's
ready to go, they post to moo-cows shortly after the spec announcement
shows up.

>mcp-dev" to majordomo@research.att.com.  archives of this mailing

"archives" should be capitalized.