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fixing a hole

I wrote:
>I don't like it, but I think we're just going to

and I also wrote:
>perhaps for MCP 3.0 we can fix this.

It just occurred to me that last time I posted words like this we got
to talking about incoherence and why we should ship a spec we know to
be imperfect.  For the record, I just want to emphasize that the
problem with fixing this is not that it will take time, but that Jay
and his design team don't want it fixed at all.

The message in question, btw, is:
and there's a link to my post that Jay is quoting.

BTW, Dave, not to pile more work on, but it would rule of the list of
messages in the archive included message dates, especially when date
is what you're sorting by.  Just a thought, if it's easy to do.