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Re: fixing a hole

>It just occurred to me that last time I posted words like this we got
>to talking about incoherence and why we should ship a spec we know to
>be imperfect.  For the record, I just want to emphasize that the
>problem with fixing this is not that it will take time, but that Jay
>and his design team don't want it fixed at all.

Oh well... it wiuld have removed the ambiguity and made the parsing much
easier/faster... I guess it will have to wait 3.0 (after we all die of old
age? :)

>The message in question, btw, is:
>  http://www.research.att.com/~davek/mcp-dev/0043.html
>and there's a link to my post that Jay is quoting.

Thanks for the pointer.