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data tag, part 2

>Also note that _data_tag: <unquoted string> looks like the <keyval> of the
>BNF grammar it's not the same (since the value of the _data_tag MUST be an
><unquoted string>)

it may be that this should emphasized more.  however, note that this
is not really an inconsistency.  the general grammar of MCP messages
specifies how values are represented but not what they must be.  for
the most part, this is up to the individual message definition.  for
example, the 'min-version' argument of an mcp-negotiate-can message
has to have the form <integer>.<integer>.

so in this case, the data tag may in fact be sent as a _quoted_

#$#dns-com-att-reachoutandtouch who: someone data-tag: "a23872"

what's important is that, once the message has been parsed and the
quotes taken care of, the actual value contains no characters that
can't be matched by the syntax of an unquoted string.