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mcp-* namespace

Erik Ostrom writes:
 >>should we have another name hierarchy reserved to the spec authors for
 >>recommended packages not in the spec itself?
 > isn't this part of that conversation we were avoiding about a
 > namespace authority?

not necessarily.  i had envisioned that the mcp-* namespace would be
under the aegis of the spec authors, rather than the naming
authority.  that's why there's a separate bullet point for it.  this
isn't really clear enough in the spec, i'm afraid, but that's
semideliberate, given all the confusion surrounding name allocation.
in any case, i'd like to have some chunk of the namespace specifically
reserved to the spec authors _for_ the spec, and possibly for their
use outside the spec.  if we use mcp-* for this, well, it requires
bending the spec rules a bit, but doesn't depend on the naming
authority.  if we use something else, then sure, it's a naming
authority problem.