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Re: gah, local editing

On Wed, 4 Mar 1998, Dave Kormann wrote:

> ok, i had completely missed richard godard's proposal for local editing. 
> his is roughly similar to mine, and i don't have strong opinions either
> way. 

I seem to have misplaced that proposal, any idea where I could get it?

> erik has pointed out to me elsewhere that he likes 'content' (as in
> janus' proposal) better than 'send'.  i've no problems with that.

No problem with that..

> also, my system suffers exactly the same update/consistency problems as
> janus', which erik complained about. 

See my reply to the proposal itself..

> erik's probably right that cords are the right way to do this.  maybe
> i'll work on a revised, cord-based solution.  the protocol would be
> virtually identical, with the messages becoming cord messages rather
> than true mcp messages. 

That sounds good, just as longas it works. (=:]
> 				dk

Zephaniah E, Hull