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Re: gah, local editing

--- Dave Kormann a ecrit:
> ok, i had completely missed richard godard's proposal for local
> editing. 

BTW those specs have been refined since posted here. But since I didn't got much feedback on mcp-dev I didn't spam people with the update.

The updated specs are at:


> problems with that.  also, my system suffers exactly the same
> update/consistency problems as janus', which erik complained about.

I still keep thinking the update/consistency problem is tricky and will most likely require core changes, hence a non-trivial installation, which I believe is beyond the scope of a simple local editing. I fully agree with Erik that an Edit Package That Does The Right Thing (with sessions and all) has to be done, but I think that's another project.

Hopefully there is room for two edit package (mcp-rawedit and mcp-edit?)