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Re: [proposal] url package

At 12:50 -0500 3/14/98, Vijay Saraswat wrote:
>What you have below may suffice for a simple "bare-bones"

Yup, that was the goal.

>In general, one way want to support co-browsing. For instance,
>one may want events generated as a player browses on one client
>to be communicated to the server, which may broadcast them to
>other clients in the associated context (other players connected
>to the room), causing their browsers to display the URL
>(activating them if necessary).

In this case it would require a setup a bit more complex, probably a cord
linking a group of user together so that when one access a page it get
briadcasted to the others.

>One way to understand some of the power and generality of this
>approach is to look athe HotJavaBeans available from javasoft (go
>to www.javasoft.com, Products), and think of generating
>appropriate MCP 2.1 versions of the interfaces supported by the
>various beans.

I will look at it. Thanks.