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[proposal] mcp-session-end?


I was wondering if it would be an heresy to have a way to explicitely end an mcp session without closing the connection, i.e. having an mcp message/package to do that.
What I would like to be able to do is to reset/restart the mcp session, so ending it and starting a fresh one, over the same connection.
This could be used to implement login via MCP on unbound connections to MOO. Since an unbound connection and an indetified/authetified may not have access to the same set of packages a reset would be usefull to redo the package negotiation after the login phase. Also some packages make sense for an unbound connection but no more once the user is logged in and vice-versa.

An alternative approach is to start the mcp-negotiation with the unbound connection by only "giving" the packages that can be used by such connection and negotiate some more packages once the user is identified, and finally end the negotiation. Though I can forsee some problems with this option (like having to queue some incoming mcp-negotiate message from the client to see the user has the perms to access those packages.)

What do you think?