[Coldstuff] Weather Stuff

Vanish 1024 vanish1024@onebox.com
Thu, 22 Nov 2001 20:55:00 -0800

Vanish 1024
vanish1024@onebox.com - email
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How can I get the weather annouce properly?  I did a hack way back when
but it was just that, a hack.

>From what I can tell about events is that they need to be registered,
they need to be hooked but unfortunately the documentation is very sketchy
on what is to be done.

If anybody has gotten the weather change to announce to the realm I would
greatly appreciate knowing how to do it.

I am using:
     Driver:           Genesis 1.1.9-STABLE
     Core:             ColdCore 3.0.1999-08-28


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