[Coldstuff] (RFC) Object Flag Idea

xmath coldstuff@cold.org
Sun, 3 Feb 2002 18:25:54 +0100

>Ive been mucking about in the ColdCore and Driver, and thought
>that it might be useful to create an additional object flag in
>the driver.  Non-Persist.
>If this flag was set on an object, it would never be written
>to disk.

Genesis uses a disk-based database. A non-persist flag would involve 
somehow forcing it to be kept in cache, rather than being written to 
disk. This means that after a while you'd run out of cache space. The 
disk-based index will probably cause even more trouble. Not to 
mention the parents/children lists.

I'm afraid the only sensible thing to do is delete all non-persistent 
objects at server startup, which is something you can do easily from 
within the db, without any addition to Genesis. (it's possible 
something like this is already there - I'm not very familiar yet with 
all the details of ColdCore)

  - xmath