[Coldstuff] Command Logging

coldstuff@cold.org coldstuff@cold.org
Tue, 12 Feb 2002 02:40:20 -0600

On 12 Feb 2002, at 0:16, Brad Roberts wrote:

> You should think long and hard about doing this before actually
> implementing it.  There are privacy and security issues, at a minimum.
> I'd also consider legal side-effects also.  I tend to be paranoid when it
> comes to things like this, so take my advice for what little its worth.

Well, my experience has been with MUCKs, where such a thing is accepted as a matter of 
course.  Our privacy statement in our policy states clearly that everything is logged, and the 
server is as secure as a professional can make it.  Frankly, when a complaint of harassment 
comes along, it is alot easier to just dig out the logs, extract the relevant sections, and find out 
what really *did* happen.  In 6 years of admin-ing a MUCK, I saw this happen several times.  

Thanks for the input.