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Re: practical matters (was Re: tired of waiting)

 > i'd very much like to have a naming authority defined by the time we
 > finalize the spec.  anybody willing to, uh, be it?

i'm willing to be acting name czar unless somebody outside AT&T can do
it.  i think it _might_ be best to have a nominally independent third
party handling naming.  that could well be one of the people (or a
group of the people) on this list.

as an alternative which is possibly too hairy to contemplate, we could
make things a little more decentralized: set up a public, moderated
mailing list for name requests; registration requests are mailed to
this list.  if any list member objects to allocating, we vote or
something.  otherwise, the name is automatically approved after some
period of time.  this seems like a good way to keep the namespace
allocation process open.  if you want a voice in the naming authority,
you join the list.