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Re: practical matters (was Re: tired of waiting)

Erik Ostrom:
> btw, everyone, one of the things jay and dave and i talked about last
> night was getting feedback from moo-cows (and elsewhere).  i think we
> were thinking: post for comment on july 1; set a fixed deadline for
> comments (not more than a month, i'd prefer less); release 2.1 august
> 1 (or, after comment cycle).  the initial post would have warnings on
> it to the effect that it's a draft, you shouldn't implement it, or if
> you do implement it, you'd better be able to change your
> implementations come the final version.
> comments?

Does moo-cows exist still, I thought it was broken for good? Comments
from a wider audience would be welcome, especially from those with
no (or at least different) preconceptions about what this protocol
is for.


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