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Re: practical matters (was Re: tired of waiting)

> ok, even more last minute major changes.

if we're shooting for a july 1 deadline, this is hardly last minute.

btw, everyone, one of the things jay and dave and i talked about last
night was getting feedback from moo-cows (and elsewhere).  i think we
were thinking: post for comment on july 1; set a fixed deadline for
comments (not more than a month, i'd prefer less); release 2.1 august
1 (or, after comment cycle).  the initial post would have warnings on
it to the effect that it's a draft, you shouldn't implement it, or if
you do implement it, you'd better be able to change your
implementations come the final version.


> 	- formalized the 'name messages by prepending the protocol
> 	string' convention and the dns-naming convention, and stated
> 	that space under a dns name is controlled by the owner of the
> 	name.

well, i take back my earlier endorsement of this scheme.  i think the
set of entities likely to be using this version of the spec is small
enough that dns is vast overkill.  since we can add it later if we
need it, by way of the naming czar, i vote to punt.

> - in an especially big change (BING BING BING) changed the 'negotiate'
> protocol name to 'mcp-negotiate'.  objections?

i thought it _was_ mcp-negotiate.  i'm sure it was in labspace's

>  would there be violent
> objections to doing the same thing for cords?

not from me.