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Re: practical matters (was Re: tired of waiting)

> Forgive me for asking a redundant question.  For the record, what does
> AT&T have to do with the formation and management of MCP and attendant
> procedures.

Well, several of the people who care about MCP right now work for AT&T.  And 
care about MCP in part or in whole because they want to use it for AT&T 
projects.  And are working on MCP on company time.

On the other hand, if this is what you're worried about, there's no intent for 
AT&T to "own" MCP.  This is why, while Dave and I are both working on the spec 
for AT&T, Dave is looking for someone from elsewhere to be name czar.  And 
why, if I end up updating the LabSpace server-side MCP implementation, I'll be 
doing it at home, on the weekend, on my own computer.

It might be beneficial for us on the list to do a round of introductions--or 
just for someone who knows everyone to write a mini-intro for the group.

> (and MOO also??!)...

Again, I'm working on MOO, I'm working at AT&T, I'm using MOO for AT&T 
projects--which are appropriately proprietary and confidential.  But I'm 
releasing the server itself under a license equivalent to Pavel's.  This
is off-topic for this list, though.