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Re: Message arguments for chords...

Just going through old mail:

> I'm not sure the question has been answered.  Is parameter order significant 
> in #$#cord messages, or is _message: a quoted string containing a sub-message
>  to be further parsed?

In case this question still wasn't answered to your satisfaction:

  * Parameter order is not significant in any MCP message.
  * _message: is not a quoted string containing a sub-message.
    (Its value is a symbol, naming the message being sent.)

Instead, _message: is simply used along with _id: to "redirect"
the MCP message.  Those two arguments are used to determine,
essentially, what handler method is to be called on what object;
the _id: and _message: arguments are stripped out, and the
*remaining* arguments are passed on to the handler.

[The one point of controversy I see is "the _id: and _message:
arguments are stripped out."  This could also be "all arguments
beginning with underscores are stripped out."  Also, there could
be _no_ arguments stripped out.  I think these are all pretty much
equivalent right now, but the decision we make now might make a
difference in moving to a future version of the protocol.]