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RE: Message arguments for chords...

I'm not sure the question has been answered.  Is parameter order significant in #$#cord messages, or is _message: a quoted string containing a sub-message to be further parsed?

Christopher A. Rath

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Sent:	Wednesday, April 30, 1997 7:03 AM
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Subject:	Message arguments for chords...

 > We have both the general requirement that MCP message arguments
 > (keyword value pairs) can appear in any order for a given message, and
 > also that cord arguments appearing *after* the _message: parameter
 > should be treated as arguments to be passed to the cord message.

gah, yeah, this is broken.  i'm for making '_' reserved by #$#cord,
any objections?

also, if there are no vocal objections, the change from cord to
mcp-cord will happen later today.