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re: bigger picture, also, spec move

fwiw, i'm with vj on this.  let's get this thing released.

 > incidentally, i also suspect that the discussion of multiline field
 > data tags will never be resolved to everyone's satisfaction, and we
 > should think about how to break the deadlock.  i'm content with "let
 > dave make the final decision", personally, but if we're going to do
 > something more complicated let's figure it out soon.

my tendency is towards inertia; i think we have a moderately good
spec, good enough to use, and i'd like to at least wait for comments
from moo-cows before we bash on the spec too much.  in the case of
multilines, i think i'm in favor of going with the current spec,
possibly (even probably) with the elmination of dummy values for

right now i'm making a web page of open issues to go along with the
release.  i have as the list:
	- removing authkeys and adding a note about security
	- maybe making version negotiation more client-driven
	- renaming protocols to something like packages or features
	- getting a mailing list archive up
	- modifications to mulitlines.

also, i've moved the document to


please update your bookmarks.  thanks.