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so, starting soon (i.e., as soon as the files get pushed outside our
firewall -- should be within an hour or so at most) we'll have a
hypermail archive of this list at


this archive is updated by hand right now, and there's a somewhat
laborious process i hafta go through to get things through the
firewall; given that and certain other technical restrictions, the
archive will not be updated more often than once an hour, less
frequently when i don't have access to my mail.

Which brings us to our second topic:

I'll be going on vacation from the afternoon of August 14th through
the morning of August 24th.  I'll try to pass off as much
responsibility as i can and to check my mail while i'm away; however,
probably some stuff won't happen or will happen more slowly while i'm
gone.  forewarned is forearmed.

Finally, there's the announcement to moo-cows.  I'm expecting this
will happen this afternoon; right now, i don't have an automated
list-maintenance procedure (i'm waiting on this from our systems
administration folks).  until i have that, i can add stuff manually.
i'll specify myself as a request address unless people think it would
be ok to just have them send mail to the list (in which case there's
some hope we'll get updates while i'm on vacation.)