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Re: [DISC] is end a valid message name?

Well, I guess this frees up a bit of namespace and doesn't complicate
my parser overly much so it looks ok.  It removes a special case from
the protocol too, so that's also good.


John D. Ramsdell:
> Since "END" is used to mark an end message line, it clearly cannot be a
> valid message name, however, what about "end", or "eNd", or other
> mixed case versions of end?  I think it is confusing to mark and end
> message with something that parses as an identifier.  Just as we use
> a non-identifier for message continuation lines, I suggest we use one
> to mark end lines.  I suggest using ":" which does not parse as an
> indentifier. 
> John
> #$#end abc two-liner*: 2 one-liner: "A line" _data-tag: 0
> #$#* 0 two-liner: one line
> #$#* 0 two-liner: and then another
> #$#: 0