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Re: LM Version of the Dispatcher

Ok, I suppose I'm interested, but I'm new to the protocol.  I'm very
interested in implementing it, so I suppose this would be a good way to
dive in.

What is the best way for me to get started?

> From: Erik Ostrom <eostrom@research.att.com>
> To: Jay Shepherd <js@datadriven.com>
> Cc: mcp-dev@research.att.com
> Subject: Re: LM Version of the Dispatcher 
> Date: Monday, August 18, 1997 1:24 PM
> > I was rifling through the archives, and noticed some discussion on a
> > LambdaMoo version of the dispatcher that Eric (?) was working on. 
Where is
> > this to date? and is it available to test?
> This is one of a large set of things that I have said I will do if no one
> volunteers.  My recollection is that the dispatcher itself relies on very

> little from JHCore (the base on which it was originally built) but the 
> installation procedure relies on quite a bit.  However, I didn't get very
> on fixing that and I'm not likely to very soon; if you're interested,
> that volunteer slot is very open.
> --Erik