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RE: [DISC] Escaping #$#

OOB dispatch needs to be intercept *all* input lines, not just those
that are command lines.

The stuff after the "AND" was a brain-fart, as I forgot that
$do_command() returning false invokes the built-in parser (and thus *is*
a way of intercepting the built-in parser).

> ----------
> From: 	Erik Ostrom[SMTP:eostrom@research.att.com]
> Sent: 	Wednesday, November 05, 1997 1:22 PM
> To: 	Roger Crew
> Cc: 	mcp-dev@research.att.com; eostrom@research.att.com
> Subject: 	Re: [DISC] Escaping #$# 
> > Note, BTW, that, while I don't disagree with this in principle, it
> would
> > need to be in both #0:do_command() and #0:bf_read(), AND there would
> > have to be some way of intercepting the built-in parser as long as
> > people are still using that...
> I don't get that last part.  Explain?
> --Erik