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Re: official release

 > It gets us a single, unified syntax for all out-of-band messages 
 > we're going to send.  A client is allowed to lex an input line 
 > without worrying about what the message type is, in the MCP 1.0
 > sense.

it's true the client lexer becomes marginally more complex with
unquoted multiline values.  but i'm not sure i see yet how the
complexity difference is at all signficant.

 > Speaking of which, with quoted multiline bodies, all of MCP 2.1's 
 > productions are valid MCP 1.0 messages.

you should never be sending mcp 2.1 messages at a system which
advertises itself as mcp 1.0.  if you are, your version negotiation is
broken.  this is a nonissue.