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Re: #$#mcp version: to:

   Date: Wed, 26 Nov 1997 11:22:12 -0500 (EST)
   From: Erik Ostrom <eostrom@research.att.com>
   Sender: owner-mcp-dev@research.att.com

   in case anyone missed the explanation, the reason for changing the
   arguments of #$#mcp is that it allows us to deal with both MCP 1.0 and
   >2.1 in the same negotiation if we speak both versions:

     * server 1.0-2.1, client 1.0

       server sends #$#mcp version: 1.0 to: 2.1
       client drops 'to' argument, sees 'version: 1.0'
       client sends #$#mcp version: 1.0
       server accepts version 1.0

So I take it something else is going on here: the to: field is
"optional"? That is, an MCP 1.0 - 2.1 server is prepared to
accept an #$#mcp message with just the version argument? 

Hmm. If so, this should be clarified in "The mcp message" section
within "Startup Sequence". The text there says that the message
has two arguments. (I have a version printed out at 11/26/97
11:22 am.) 

     * server 1.0, client 1.0-2.1

       server sends #$#mcp version: 1.0
       client accepts version 1.0
       client sends #$#mcp version: 1.0 to: 2.1
       server drops 'to' argument, accepts version 1.0

     * server 1.0, client 1.0
     * server 1.0-2.1, client 1.0-2.1

       negotiation as described in the appropriate spec.