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Re: official release

> I'm not entirely convinced that the overhead of slashification, which
> requires walking through every character of every data string, will be that
> small, *particularly* if making it easy/fast on MOO is an issue (since MOO
> is an interpreted language, CPU time spent by the quoter may yet be
> significant compared to network time spent, especially since it's a
> per-character cost rather than a per-line cost --- even if the CPU itself is
> sufficiently fast that this isn't a problem, there's still the added
> complexity of dealing with tickouts).

@program $string_utils:slashify tnt
return toliteral(args[1]);

The cost is all in C code, with no problem with tickouts.  I suspect 
that the cost of this will be dwarfed by whatever we're doing to 
actually produce the lines as well as other kinds of I/O costs.