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RE: Some comments on the spec...

I am happy with (3),  though I would suggest some rewriting. I
think Dave is working on it.


   From: Roger Crew <rfc@MICROSOFT.com>
   Date: Tue, 2 Dec 1997 17:50:11 -0800 
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      It seems to me that there are three possible solutions to this

      1. Set aside a special protocol:

	#$#mcp-quote <authkey> line: <value>

       This protocol will call the In-band processor with

       The advantage of this scheme is that the splitter is
       completely trivial. Only in the specialized case of wanting
       to have a #$# in-band line is some specialized processing
       invoked ... and then it is invoked in the standard way, as an MCP

       The disadvantage is that one has to make the (modest) architectural
       assumption that the In-band processor is callable from MCP


     3. Introduce a new classification of network lines: out-of-band
       (those beginning with #$#), quoted in-band (those beginning
       with #$") and in-band (the remaining). ...

   [Why I prefer (3)]