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Re: implementation question...

On 1/24/98 11:07 PM,  Erik Ostrom  [eostrom@research.att.com] wrote:

>FWIW, in MOO, as you know, it may be more convenient to wait until
>after login because you don't get a real object associated with the
>connection until that point.
>However, another solution
>if you're up for some radical core hacking is to separate the roles of
>"connection" and "player" into two separate objects.  Log a connection
>into a connection object as soon as it arrives, and make the
>connection object point to a player object once the connection is

That is the solution we used. (One of the many advantages to this
is that it allows different kinds of connections to share the same
player object.)  I believe Gustavo Glusman also found a nice way to
associate state with un-logged-in connections, which might also be
of use if you want to do it in a more traditional core setting.  I'm
too lazy to search through the moo-cows archives looking for the
actual message, but if you can't find it and he doesn't remember,
ask me again and I can try to unearth it.