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not for the specs but...

I would like to suggest that sumultaneously to release the specs to the
public (e.g. moo-cows) is released a separate documents giving the sepcs
for some basic packages, examples:

moo-text (for local editing of moo text)
moo-verbs (for local editing of moo verbs)
moo-mail (for local moo mail editing/processing)

I thinks this would serve several purpose:
1) illustrate how the spec can be used
2) offer the moo community some standard for some basic operations, wich
would help to get some (new) implementations started.
So if wiz A @ MOO1, wiz B @ MOO2 and wiz C @ MOO3 all start implementating
the specs, at least they would have the same basic packages... (I'm sure
MCP clients wouldn't mind neither :)

Just my $0.02