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Re: data tag, part 2

At 1:12 -0500 1/26/98, Erik Ostrom wrote:
>it may be that this should emphasized more.  however, note that this
>is not really an inconsistency.  the general grammar of MCP messages
>specifies how values are represented but not what they must be.  for
>the most part, this is up to the individual message definition.  for
>example, the 'min-version' argument of an mcp-negotiate-can message
>has to have the form <integer>.<integer>.

TRue. BTW now that you mention it, it would be worth emphasizing that
versions are of the form  <integer>.<integer> with no leading for the major
version.. this information is unconveniently 'hidden'  in 2.4.1 (The mcp

>so in this case, the data tag may in fact be sent as a _quoted_
>#$#dns-com-att-reachoutandtouch who: someone data-tag: "a23872"
>what's important is that, once the message has been parsed and the
>quotes taken care of, the actual value contains no characters that
>can't be matched by the syntax of an unquoted string.

Ok, thanks for the clarification.