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Re: practical matters (was Re: tired of waiting)

ok, even more last minute major changes.
- all ocurrences of '2.0' changed to '2.1' for MCP.  the mcp-negotiate
and cord protocol versions are unchanged.
- added a big section on protocols, including a first pass at naming
policy.  specifically:
	- formalized the 'name messages by prepending the protocol
	string' convention and the dns-naming convention, and stated
	that space under a dns name is controlled by the owner of the
	- reserved 'mcp' as a prefix for spec'ed protocols.
	- noted that the remainder of the top-level namespace is
	currently unassigned and said that protocol implementations
	shouldn't touch it, in anticipation of the creation of a
	naming authority.
- in an especially big change (BING BING BING) changed the 'negotiate'
protocol name to 'mcp-negotiate'.  objections?  would there be violent
objections to doing the same thing for cords?